families within the Grampian region

Telephone helpline and Referrals – GCBN offer a confidential helpline – 01224 554152 – which is manned on a part-time basis. Currently this is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30 until 2:30 pm. An answer phone is available for out with these times. This is an opportunity for callers to contact and discuss their particular circumstances, and we aim to listen and help identify what might be the most effective assistance for each individual.

GCBB accept referrals directly from families and professionals via our email or via phone calls. We aim to respond within 10 working days. 

Book Gifting Service – GCBN offer a free book gifting service to families who contact us. GCBN Provide age related books which can help children and young people understand death. Books are offered on a whole range of different issues from loss by suicide to cancer. GCBN do not provide books to professionals who work for agencies who are able to purchase them themselves, however a comprehensive book list is available to download.

Group Support – GCBN offer children and young people support via their Activity Days and Teenager Groups. The aim of these groups is to bring children and young people together to feel less isolated. Some of the group activities are aimed at keeping memories safe, and others are about building confidence. All are free to attend.

Responder Visiting Service – GCBN offer a responder service to bereaved families within the Grampian Region. Our Responders are all trained volunteers, who will arrange a home visit to assist bereaved families by providing support. Sometimes responders will meet with the parents and carers and assist them by providing suggestions as to how best to respond to their child. On other occasions the responder may undertake some direct work with the child or young person. This may be via some craft activities or working through an activity book.

Visits normally will take place within the family home, and can in some circumstances take place very quickly after the death has occurred. The responder will offer support to the family, after traumatic death circumstances when often all members are in shock after learning about the death, and be confused about the process.

Our responders sometimes assist with helping families access other services. GCBN do not offer financial support.

For some families a one off visit is sufficient, however, in other circumstances a number of visits may be agreed. It is whatever feels best for each individual families.

Newsletter GCBN publish a Spring, Summer and Winter Newsletter. This aims to share what is happening with the charity as well as keeping families informed as to forth coming events. 

 Training Services  – GCBN offer free awareness training to schools and other groups throughout Grampian Region. The aim is to build skills, knowledge and confidence to those who may be already working and supporting children and young people.

Other training can be provided via  one day or half day workshops which can be requested. These workshops can provide individuals with an opportunity to build their knowledge and practical skills in supporting bereaved children and young people.

Specific issues such as  supporting families  following a range of circumstances are also provided.

  • Sudden Death
  • Traumatic Death,
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Bereaved by suicide
  • Critical incidents

GCBN conferences and specific workshops, are held periodically. These are great opportunities for professionals to come together and build their skills. Costs are always kept as low as possible and are to cover cost of venues and administrating.

Training request guidance and forms to apply for training provision please complete request form and return to [email protected]

Consultancy – GCBN believes that if there is a trusted professional who is already involved with the family, that they may be the best placed person to offer appropriate support. Our consultancy service will provide a mentor to the professional, providing advice and support to them so that they are able to feel confident in supporting the family. Our mentors will arrange to discuss with the professional either via telephone or a face to face meeting and this can be either a one off discussion or ongoing.

Critical Incident Support. GCBN can offer direct support to situations where there has been a critical incident or traumatic high profile death or deaths. Members of our board have substantial experience of responding to major incidents and supporting families following high profile traumatic deaths.